South Melbourne Street Claims First Truck Victim for 2017

Photo source: Brad Feeham – Instagram via

The Montague Street Bridge in South Melbourne has claimed it’s first victim of the year.

Another truck has fallen victim to the bridge with pictures emerging on social media of a truck idling under the bridge’s gantries. The tyres of the trapped trucks often have to be deflated to lower the height of truck and 2 men can be seen fiddling with the truck’s tyres.

Despite gantries being installed last May to prevent trucks hitting into the low bridge, the problem seems to remain. In the past there has been as many as 100 trucks hitting into the bridge.

Many drivers seem to ignore the gantries that are meant to serve as a warning for trucks higher than 3 metres that should not attempt to pass under the low bridge.

Many trucks eventually get stuck and last year alone 2 trucks hit the bridge within 10 days of each other.

The bridge has elicited it’s own social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. It also has a website How many days since the Montague Street Bridge has been hit‘.

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