More Heavy Vehicle Rest Stations for Queensland Truckies

There’s good news for truck drivers in Queensland, there will soon be better heavy vehicle rest stops in the state, following a $1.3 million upgrade.

Truck drivers asked for it and state government has heeded the call, given the importance of rest stops in fighting fatigue.

Truckies will have another rest stop along Queensland’s coastal Bruce Highway after the Mount Gordon heavy vehicle rest area outside Bowen.

The rest stop will have universal access toilet, water, a table and barbecue available. The upgrades are now in their final stages of completion with others planned.

According to Queensland roads minister Mark Bailey, the government is planning to upgrade other heavy vehicle pullover areas along important road freight routes.

The Heavy Vehicle Rest Area program has already delivered more than 60 new or upgraded heavy vehicle rest areas, more than 20 new stopping places, as well as 17 upgrades, including livestock specific projects, according to Bailey.

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